Nigeria’s Omagbemi Nominated For FIFA Best Women’s Coach Award

Nigeria’s Super Falcons head coach, Florence Omagbemi has been nominated among 10 coaches shortlisted for the best FIFA Women’s coach award 2017.

Omagbemi’s nomination on the 10-shortlist coaches of the year was revealed by the world football ruling on Thursday, following recommendations from panel of women’s football experts.

The former Super Falcons midfielder and captain guided the Nigerian senior women’s national team to win the 2016 African Women Cup Of Nations (AWCON), after beating hosts Cameroon 1-0 at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Omnisports Stadium in Yaoundé.

Among those nominated on the list include, Olivier Echouafni head coach of the French national team, Emma Hayes of Chelsea Ladies, Ralf Kellermann head coach of the VFL Wolfsburg (women) and Xavi Llorens head coach of FC Barcelona Ladies.

Others on the list are, Nils Nielsen of the Danish senior women national team, Gerard Precheur head coach of Olympique Lyonnais Ladies, Dominik Thalhammer head coach of Australian women national team, Sarina Wiegman of Netherlands women national team and Hwang Yong-Bong both of Korea DPR women team and Korea DPR U-20 women national teams.

The winner of the award will be decided by four main stakeholders involved in football: national team coaches, captains, selected media and the fans.Voting commences on Monday 21 August and closes on 7 September.

The final lists of three nominees for the men’s and women’s player and coach categories – as well as for the FIFA Puskás Award, the FIFA Fan Award and the brand new The Best FIFA Goalkeeper Award – will be announced in mid-September.

Meanwhile, all winners will be presented with their awards at the Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony will holds Monday 23 October, 2017.
The 10 candidates in full:

* Olivier Echouafni (FRA – French national team)
* Emma Hayes (ENG – Chelsea Ladies)
* Ralf Kellermann (GER – VfL Wolfsburg)
* Xavi Llorens (ESP – FC Barcelona Femeni)
* Nils Nielsen (DEN – Danish national team)
* Florence Omagbemi (NGA – Nigerian national team)
* Gerard Precheur (FRA – Olympique Lyonnais Feminin)
* Dominik Thalhammer (AUT – Austrian national team)
* Sarina Wiegman (NED – Netherlands national team)
* Hwang Yong-Bong (PRK – Korea DPR / Korea DPR U-20 national teams)

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It’s awesome that people want to congratulate you and talk to you about your newborn – who doesn’t like attention?
However, after a while, you realise that there are some stock phrases that everybody say to new mums and dads.
Some of them are lovely to hear, and some are downright infuriating. You just have to remember that people do say the wrong thing sometimes, even if their intentions are good.

Here are some of the phrases you should prepare yourself for if you have just had a baby.

1. ‘When is the baby due?’
It’s fine for someone to ask you or your partner this in the four or five months leading up to the due date, depending on the size of the bump. It’s slightly less acceptable for them to ask the question two weeks after the birth.

2. ‘You must be tired.’
A bit like telling the Pope he ‘must be Catholic’. Tired is what I am after completing a 20-minute walk or seven push-ups. Right now, I’m absolutely exhausted.

3. ‘How are the sleepless nights?’
Didn’t you get the message when you told me I must be tired?!

10 things you should get ready to hear if you’ve just had a baby
4. ‘Your life will never be the same again.’
It’s hard to argue with this statement – you’ve just had a baby, of course things are going to change – but you’re still the person you were before you became a parent.

5. ‘Are you going to have another one?’
Do you mean another baby or another cappuccino? You better mean cappuccino, or else you’re going to be wearing this one.

10 things you should get ready to hear if you’ve just had a baby
6. ‘How is the breastfeeding coming along?’
Mum feeds baby the way mum wants to feed baby. Let’s leave it at that.

7. ‘What a lovely little boy you have.’
It’s great to hear this when you have a lovely little boy, less so when you have a lovely little girl.

8. ‘Are you looking forward to going back to work?’
You’ve had so many other things on your mind since the baby arrived you’ve probably forgotten the location of your workplace, never mind how you might return there.

10 things you should get ready to hear if you’ve just had a baby
9. ‘What schools have you registered with?’
Get. Out.
10. ‘You look great.’
Yes, my trackie Bs are rather fetching, aren’t they?

There are a zillion things you don’t get taught in antenatal classes about life with a new baby but perhaps one of the most important is the effect that childbirth can have on the libido of new mums.

 For many women it can take a long time for their libido to return to anything near the dizzy heights of those pre-baby days.
Here’s eight reasons why:

1. Bed is for sleeping

During those first few months (maybe even years), the only thing new mums want to do when they crawl into bed is stare at the inside of their eyelids.
Woman in eye mask asleep in bed

2. Parts of your body that you once associated with foreplay suddenly have a very different function

And it can take a while to adjust to seeing them as erogenous zones again; sometimes a really long time.
Most women don’t want their partners going near nipples that are still leaking the odd bit of breast milk (though there is always an exception to the rule).

3. Some body parts might still be a little sore

C-sections, episiotomy stitches and sometimes tears mean that sitting down can be hard enough.
Sex? No thanks.

4. Your partner might be a little weirded out

Don’t forget your partner has seen you in a whole new light – they will be in awe of your body and perhaps even a little afraid.
That’s normal.
couple with baby

5. You might just not want sex anymore

This is one of the strangest things to accept – sometimes your libido just disappears for a really long time after giving birth.
After a while that can be a problem so it’s something you need to talk about as a couple.

6. An underlying health problem

If you find you suffer with number five for a while, it can be worth getting the once over.
Sometimes anaemia or depression can be the cause so it’s worth visiting your health professional.

7. You’ve fallen out of love with your own body

Women can find it hard to love themselves as much after childbirth, especially when hormone levels drop and stretch marks fail to disappear.
Childbirth changes our bodies but learn to love the new you – you’ve made a human being and that’s incredible and something to celebrate.

8. Did I mention you’re probably knackered?

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