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Makeup is awesome. But, a lady who is dependent on makeup is not difficult to identify. It may be that the foundation is too much or your cheeks are overly pink. Hence, most ladies tend to overdo makeup to look pretty and beautiful. Sometimes, ladies may not be aware of the fact that they are wearing too much makeup. These signs shared by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares signs you are wearing too much makeup.

Your friends don’t recognise you

If your friends cannot recognise you without makeup, it is a serious problem. Makeup can give you confidence, but you should not feel insecure about letting your natural beauty shine.

You cannot stay barefaced

Some ladies cannot leave their homes without makeup. They feel very incomplete and uncomfortable. Hence, most times, when you plan to leave home without makeup, you start applying some concealer to hide your blemishes and eventually go on to do the whole natural makeup.

You are always retouching

If you carry more than three retouch products chances are that you are overdoing your makeup. The maximum you need to carry is compact, lip balm and Kohl.

Your products get exhausted too quickly

With normal usage, your makeup should last for a few months, unless you are reusing a particular lipstick 3-4 times a day. But do your mascaras, foundations, eyeliners finish within a month? You are using makeup excessively for your face.

Your makeup messes up your

Finding makeup smears on your phone and clothes means you didn’t set your makeup well.

Former US Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton looked all glamorous while rocking African agbada at a wedding ceremony in America.
Former Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton stunned in a blued African agbada with a matching pair of silver pointed-toe kitten heels, a silver clutch and a pair of clip earrings.

Former Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton stunned in a blued African agbada with a matching pair of silver pointed-toe kitten heels, a silver clutch and a pair of clip earrings.

The popular politician was accompanied to the wedding of 24-year-old daughter of billionaire hedge fund manager, Marc Lasry by her husband, Bill Clinton on Sunday at the star-studded wedding ceremony held in N.Y.C.

Sofia Lasry, the 24-year-old daughter of billionaire hedge fund manager, Marc Lasry, a major Clinton campaign donor married 25-year-old Alexander Swieca, the son of another hedge fund manager, Henry Swieca.

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Good day....
 My name is Onumaegbu Queen Ijeoma,  from Abia state,  a 300level student of FUTO, from the department of financial management technology, face of FMT 2015/2016 and currently the director of socials FMT, a model @bm_modelsmgt.

So in love with Creativity, entrepreneurship and success. I don't see myself in a competition with anyone but strive to be better than the Kwinnie I knew yesterday, my role models are every risk takers who ended up being successful persons out there.


   ABOUT US........ 

 Buzor b 's kitchen organisation base on food,which is man's number two most important thing on earth. Buzor b create a system that helps you and the whole family have a well balance food time table and also we bring food to you beyond your imaginations,ranging from international dish,intercontinental dish,local dish,pastry(baking).
        At Buzor b 's classy n locality is our style, what ever the event may be we are ready to make it an event of a life time
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  Our Aim...
            To give you that feeling, style,test,of food you have always wanted  
            Our mission...
                     To make cooking a part of life without stress,To create system of food that works not just for you but for the whole family
            Our vision....
                    To create a fast food that completes you with a sense of satisfaction
                  The things we do...
                         We provide  home services, catering,home delivery,cakes ,pastry event management weddings,dedication and birthday services etc



                    YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!

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