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15 things you need to know if your child is about to start primary school(Picture: Getty)

Waving your darling four-year-old off at the school gate raises mixed emotions in parents. On the one hand you’re proud and excited about the future. But on the other you’re struggling with the heart-rending realisation that your baby is, well, no longer a baby!

With their shiny brand-new school shoes and their slightly too big uniform, kids going into Reception look adorable. But starting primary school is a huge leap into the unknown, for both parents and kids.
Here are 15 things that you need to know if your child is about to start primary school:

1. Buy extra shirts. And don’t spend too much on them. They will come home grubbier than you can imagine and you don’t want to find yourself trying to clean stains out with baby wipes at 8.25am.

2. Labelling school uniform is a bore. But completely necessary. Although, even if you’ve religiously labelled every last thing, they’ll still come home with someone else’s PE kit.

3. While we’re talking about labelling things, do you need to label socks? Personally, I think life is too short.

4. Getting everybody up and out of the house in time for school is quite possibly the most stressful part of a parent’s day. Whatever you do, don’t forget to set an alarm.

5. They really do lock the school gates if you’re late and you and your child will have to do the walk of shame via the office.

6. That first school play or Christmas show? Make sure you take a large box of tissues. Sob…

7. Boys school trousers are always either too long or too big around the waist.

15 things you need to know if your child is about to start primary school
(Picture: Getty)
8. Get ready to accompany your child to a birthday party at least every other weekend for the rest of the year.

9. Book bags are bottomless pits of letters, scraps of paper, artwork, hair clips and the occasional heart-melting piece of paper that says “I love mummy” in over-sized handwriting.

10. The day you forget to check the book bag is always the day preceding a last-minute school trip, own clothes day or bake sale.

11. Kids in Reception are utterly exhausted after school. Plan for some chill out time when you get home from school.

12. And they’re starving too. To avoid a seriously “hangry” child take a snack along when you pick them up.

13. Your fridge will never be big enough to display all the pieces of “art” that your child brings home. You either need to cover the whole house in drawings or get ready to be ruthless and put some in the bin.

14. Didn’t learn to read using phonics? Don’t worry – your child will soon be explaining split-digraphs and other mind-boggling things to you over dinner.

15. Different schools use different reading schemes, but if you don’t dread reading every Biff and Chip book again by the time your second child starts school then you’re a better person than me.

Mother's Day 2017: 12 reasons why motherhood is the best job in the world(Picture: Getty)

March 26 can only mean one thing this year – happy Mother’s Day!
What did you imagine being a mum would be like?
I’m pretty sure that I had some unrealistic expectations about peaceful craft sessions and children skipping off happily to play and sleep.

Oh yes, I definitely had unrealistic expectations about sleep.
The reality of being a mum is probably messier, more exhausting and completely different from how you imagined.

I’ve survived on less sleep for the last seven years than I would have thought possible, and I spend a lot more time getting muddy than I do creating pretty pictures with my kids.
And let’s not even talk about tantrums.

Nonetheless, being a mum has been – and continues to be – the most wonderful experience of my life.
Here are 12 reasons why being a mum is the best job in the world.

1. Cuddles

Whether they need comforting, they’re sleepy or just fancied a hug, it’s pretty awesome to always be at the top of someone’s ‘people I’d like to cuddle’ list.

Happy senior woman hugging her beautiful grandchild - indoor setting
(Picture: Getty)

2. Meeting your newborn

Honestly, nothing beats it.
Holding your tiny baby in your arms after nine months of (at best) discomfort, aka pregnancy, not to mention childbirth, is incredible.

3. Cake

You can eat cake every day during pregnancy, safe in the knowledge that you can worry about it at some distant point in the future.
And if you breastfeed, you can keep it up even longer.

A pregnant women eat a cake while a dog is looking for a piece of it.
No, it’s all for mummy (Picture: Getty)

4. Sharing your passion

Baking, football, painting, nature, books – whatever you love, teaching your kids about it is brilliant.

5. Pride

The first time they read a book to you, their first steps, the nursery nativity or going off to uni – whatever stage you’re at, you’ll always be their number one fan.

6. Constant challenges

There’s nothing boring about parenting.
You learn so much about yourself – how to interact with other people, how to control your temper and, yes, how to persuade people to do things they don’t want to do.

Illustrative image of professional woman feeding her baby while using laptop
It never stops (Picture: Getty)

7. Maternity leave

A year off of work with the world’s smallest boss? Yes please.
Even if the boss turns out to be a tyrant and you’re too broke to go out for coffee.

8. Behaving like a kid

I’m sure this will stop one day (when they’re too embarrassed to be seen in public with me) but my kids love it when I dance with them or help them collect sticks or count ants.

9. Christmas

It’s just not the same when there are no kids in the family.
My three kids are still young enough to believe in Father Christmas wholeheartedly and I absolutely love everything from cutting out paper snowflakes to putting out a carrot for Rudolph on Christmas eve.

10. The questions

OK, if I’m honest, sometimes they do drive me slightly bananas, but the constant questions from a growing mind are fascinating.
‘Why are plates round?’
‘Why do stinging nettles grow even if no-one plants them?’
‘Why is that a pizza?’

11. Laughing together

Whether it’s a shared family joke or the antics of a sibling, laughing together is such a good feeling.
We recently collapsed in hysterics at the baby throwing every single pair of socks out of a drawer at my daughter.

family laughing
(Picture: Getty)

12. Greatest excuse of all time

There is no need to claim you’re washing your hair any more – no-one can argue with you about needing to stay in now that you have kids.
So relax, put your feet up and open that bottle of wine.

11 reasons why you should always let a man pay on a first date
Manners, innit. (Picture: Getty)
Who should pay on a first date is a bit of a modern-day conundrum.
People differ dramatically in their view towards it, but, generally speaking, there are two types of people in the world – those who think the man should pick up the tab on a first date and those who think the idea of a man paying is outdated.

Should a bloke pay for you on a first date? Yes.
Should you be offended if a man wants to pay on a first date? Absolutely not.
Still confused? Here are 11 reasons why you should always let a man pay on a first date.

1. It’s sexy

Like it or not, we’re still attracted to potential partners based on similar principles as our caveman ancestors, and being a ‘provider’ is one of them, especially when making instinctive, primal decisions.
(Also known as, do you fancy the bloke or not).

2. It’s a true show of character

‘First dinner date buying’ doesn’t mean he’s going to carry you for the whole relationship, nor should you expect it to.
It doesn’t even mean he’ll be doing the same thing the second date, but it does mean he values you enough to be generous.

3. ‘But I wouldn’t expect my friend to pay for my night out … ‘

Your date is not your friend.
And, whilst it would be ridiculous to expect a friend to pay for you on a night out, the dynamics of a date are different, and, so too, are the rules.

4. It’s not all about the money

A man shouting you the first date is not about buying you – it’s about the value of your company, and paying on a first date is the easiest most direct way of demonstrating this.

5. Let him be the provider (it has nothing to do with sexism)

The boundaries are confusing enough these days, but allowing your date to pay means you are letting him flex a bit of the ol’ man muscles, look after you and take romantic control.
It can sound outdated, but, allowing a man to ‘provide’, even if it’s a token gesture of a meal, is far more conducive to chemistry than shouting him down for daring to try to buy you a few glasses of wine and burger.

6. You don’t owe him anything

If you think that your date will expect sex at the end of the night for buying you an American hot, it’s not your values you need to look at it’s your choice of men.

7. It shows you’re gracious

And just because you are capable of paying, it doesn’t mean you should.
First dates are confusing enough without having to launch into an argument about who’s paying at the end of it – offering to pay but graciously accepting the offer not to, shows your date you’re happy to pay your way but won’t get scary if he insists you don’t.

8. Don’t confuse manners with gender stereotypes

Allowing a man to hold a door open for you or pick up a bill won’t mean that you’ll lose the right to vote, it simply means that sometimes it’s Ok to enjoy old school manners.

9. Your turn will come

Pulling out a calculator and splitting a bill straight down the middle is fine if you are fourteen and are dining out on this week’s pocket money.
A far more grown-up way of dating is taking turns on picking up the bill or offering to buy a round of drinks after the meal, to show you’re not in it for a free ride.

10. If he can’t afford to treat you on a first date, he shouldn’t be on it

Or, if he can’t afford to pay the bill he shouldn’t be in the restaurant.
A few drinks, a trip to a gallery or a walk in the park are all perfectly respectable date options that don’t cost the earth.
If dinner was his call it should be his shout.

Meet the guy who's set up a website to find his Ideal Woman
Alan is looking for love.

But he doesn’t want just any girlfriend – he wants to find the Ideal Woman.
And to do so, he’s set up a website.
He’s a 37-year-old computer science grad who says that after facing certain ‘substantial lifestyle changes’, he is ‘slowly trying to find my way out of the rat-race and I would like to find a partner who I can share the rest of my existence with’.
Alan tells ‘In my early 30s, after having had some negative experiences in relationships and still not knowing what I wanted in life, I told myself to start from scratch – listing the things I didn’t want’.
‘So, I drafted a short list which I kept updating every year or so until it became an essay.’
And that essay forms the basis of what Alan is looking for in his Ideal Woman, some of which is here:


Meet the guy who's set up a website to find his Ideal Woman
This is Alan.
Alan is only human and as such, wants a hot girlfriend.
‘Although oriented to seek for an inner beauty, I still can’t detach myself from the terrestrial law of physical attraction, which is simply fatal,’ he says.
‘First things first, she should not be overweight and (should be) respectful towards her body, at least trying to eat healthy food and exercising sometimes.
‘Someone who is preferably around my age but not necessarily – I’d rule out more than a 10 year age gap.
‘I’d prefer classical outfits, or nineties trends with high waist pants and I don’t particularly like super thin high heels.’
But fear not coffee/tobacco/coke fiends – he’s ok with you dabbling so long as you don’t become a full blown addict.


You’ve got to be fluent in English but you’ve also got to be able to speak a second language.

Personality and experience

‘I obviously couldn’t be together with superficial females who can just think about career, fashion, holidays, owning stuff and have shallow conversations.’
‘I would be looking for a woman who is a free thinker, open minded, free from social constrictions or fake morals and of course a woman who does not believe in any god but in herself and her rational judgement based on empirical, scientific and philosophical knowledge.’
Not only that, but he wants someone who knows what ‘cosmic pain’ is (so, I’m out) and who has ‘experienced suffering enough to see the meaning of life in depth’.

Meet the guy who's set up a website to find his Ideal Woman
This is Alan, again.
Alan wants to spend most of his time with his new partner doing all kinds of things which means, I’m afraid, no one who has a job.

‘I wouldn’t be able to accept a relationship with a wage-slave of a 9-to-5. In fact, I will never be able to stand a relationship where I can see my other half only during the nighttime after work. I strongly despise employees and the corporate mentality thus it would be an excellent idea to work together, start a business from scratch.’
To recap, if this is you, Alan doesn’t want you to contact him:
  • Anyone who believes in God
  • Anyone who wants kids
  • Anyone who is ‘too happy with their current life (which implies that you should start asking yourself some serious questions)’
  • Anyone who can’t run, swim, drive a car, ride a bike
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to ‘venture to some uninhabited island together for a few months’
  • Anyone who is into fashion or is career-focused
Now, most dudes who want a good looking partner are ok with them liking fashion. But for Alan, that’s a real no-no – as is having a job, because careers and clothes = superficiality.
‘Even Coco Chanel said that fashion fades, but style remains. Women who follow fashion are destined to fade together with their poor self awareness,’ Alan explains.
‘Actually being superficial is not about aiming for a better job or modern clothing, but considering them a priority in your life. Women who have failed to be feminine, build a personality or are not emotionally intelligent, become insecure enough to seek a comfortable position in a job where there is someone else telling them what to do.

‘This is what they call independence: the possibility of earning just enough to spend their money on a rent for a place they actually use to sleep only, on weekends, pretentious dine-outs and trashy clothing paid twice the cost of classical clothing. Only few women have enough depth to use their free time to search on google “how to start your own business” , or learn about history instead of watching videos of cats and babies on Facebook or connect intellectually with few friends instead of accumulating hundreds of contacts only capable of spending time at the pub getting drunk.

‘Times goes by and sooner or later this attitude makes a woman weak enough to live in the denial that she does not need a man in her life. I do not want to generalise (of course not, Alan!), but you get that picture when you look at masses.’

Ok so we get it – NO CAREER WOMEN.
But what’s the deal with not being able to run or ride a bicycle?
‘Anthropologically speaking, would you call yourself a human being, if you can’t even swim, run or have a minimum control over your body?’ he says.

When it comes to not being able to drive, he asks how one can call themselves independent if you’ve set such a ‘low value to freedom of movement’.

With such a long list of demands, it sounds like Alan could be in for a long wait. He says that he hasn’t had a chance to go out with anyone he’s met through his site yet but he has got a few messages from women.

However, ‘it seemed that those who wrote to me just read what they liked to read or imagined me’, he laments.

So there we are.
Ladies – if you can run, drive, have no interest in fashion or a career, are not overweight, don’t want kids and can speak more than one language, Alan still single.

Scientist explains why life after death 'is impossible'Scientist Dr Sean Carroll says it is impossible for our consciousness to live on after our body has died (Picture: Getty)

A scientist claims there is no life after death because the laws of physics make it impossible.
After extensive studies, physicist Sean Carroll says for there to be an afterlife, our consciousness would need to be entirely separated from our physical body – which it is not.

Consciousness is a series of atoms and electrons which give us our mind, he says.
The laws of the universe do not allow these atoms and electrons to continue to operate after our bodies have died.

Dr Carroll, a cosmologist and professor at the California Institute of Technology, explained: ‘Claims that some form of consciousness persists after our bodies die and decay into their constituent atoms faces one huge insuperable obstacle: the laws of physics underlying everyday life are completely understood.

‘There’s no way within those laws to allow for the information stored in our brains to persist after we die,’ he wrote in the Scientific American.

Scientist explains why life after death 'is impossible'
There’s no way information stored in our brains can persist after we die, says Dr Carroll (Picture: Getty)
Dr Carroll says that Quantum Field Theory (QFT) suggests there is one field for each type of particle.
So all photons in the universe are on one level, all electrons in the universe are on another level and so on.

For life to be able to continue after death, he says tests on the quantum field would have revealed ‘spirit particles’ and ‘spirit forces’ – which they have not.
‘If it’s really nothing but atoms and the known forces, there is clearly no way for the soul to survive death.
‘Believing in life after death, to put it mildly, requires physics beyond the standard model,’ he said.

What is the Standard Model?

The standard model is the name given in the 1970s to a theory of fundamental particles and how they interact.
It incorporated all that was known about subatomic particles at the time and predicted the existence of additional particles as well.
There are seventeen named particles in the standard model.
The last particles discovered were the W and Z bosons in 1983, the top quark in 1995, the tau neutrino in 2000 and the Higgs boson in 2012.

Male motorists in Uganda have jokingly demanded the removal of a pretty traffic warden from a road, because she’s distracting them.

While some want her removed, others are adamant she stays.

Police please remove this beautiful traffic officer from Mulago Round about. Cars barely move because of Jam caused by men driving slowly while looking at the traffic officer.

You may suggest route diversion for men during her shift but if it’s her area of deployment she will need more time probably. Criminals are even turning themselves in after seeing her . We hope she will completely changed the face of traffic police force.

 Hot Officer

Beautiful Officer

Man proposes to girlfriend with a blooming marshmallow in hot chocolate(Picture: Dominique Ansel Bakery)

Now it’s getting chilly outside, all we want is to find someone we fancy so we can snuggle under blankets and drink hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate is a couple-y drink. It’s warm and cosy and made for sharing with someone you love.
So it makes sense, then, that one man used a cup of the stuff to propose to his girlfriend.
We’re not just talking about any hot chocolate, mind you. Matt, from Baltimore, proposed to his girlfriend, Stefanie, with a special type of hot chocolate – the one with a blooming marshmallow flower served at Dominique Ansel Bakery.

Matt tucked the engagement ring inside a marshmallow, waiters added that marshmallow to the hot chocolate they served to Stefanie, it bloomed, and voila – the ring was hidden inside.
As you’d expect, Stefanie was pretty pleased.
‘Stefanie and I met on Instagram 2 years ago, next month and we’ve done everything POSSIBLE to make this very special relationship work from across the pond (she lives outside of Sheffield and I live in the Baltimore/Philadelphia area of the US),’ Matt told
‘During this time, she’s visited me in the US a handful of times and this is my second trip over to the UK. I just love England.
‘I had planned this current trip to visit her and wanted to purpose in her own country. I thought where better than London?

Man proposes to girlfriend with a blooming marshmallow in hot chocolate
(Picture: Instagram/vinpayne)
‘I had initially planned to propose near one of the bridges but I know that others before us have gotten engaged there. I chose Dominique Ansel Bakery because 1.) we’re both foodies and 2.) I had taken her to the NYC location on her 40th birthday last year and she absolutely loved it.
‘She immediately fell in love with the Cronut and the bakery just like everyone else that has ever been.’

Matt got the idea for his proposal from another couple who’d used the marshmallow flower as a way to offer up the ring. He got in touch with Dominique, told him their story, and asked if he could borrow the bakery’s sunroom to carry out his proposal plan.
On Saturday, it happened.

Man proposes to girlfriend with a blooming marshmallow in hot chocolate
(Picture: Instagram/vinpayne)
‘We ordered our hot chocolates and cronuts then Perdita said they’d be over shortly and to take a seat,’ Matt tells us. ‘I excused myself to wash my hands, met Perdita and Chef James to give them the ring and finalize how I wanted everything to go.
‘Chef said he had been practicing the night prior, plus early that morning, and was more nervous than I was to do this!
‘Our hot chocolates came out, Chef served Stefanie’s first and the marshmallow opened perfectly to display her love heart ring.

Man proposes to girlfriend with a blooming marshmallow in hot chocolate
(Picture: Instagram/vinpayne)
‘I immediately got on one knee, said some prepared words, Perdita got some great pics and video then Stefanie accepted.’
Naturally, Dominique Ansel’s pretty pleased with how it went down – a cute proposal is a great way to make people want to try out his hot chocolate.
‘The one thing I love the most about what we do is being able to be a part of people’s special occasions and celebrations,’ Dominique told us. ‘We’re all so delighted for the happy couple and their future ahead. And glad it started off with something sweet.’

Twitter user @Mz_Tosyn took to the micro-blogging platform to share photos of some souvenirs given out at a Yoruba wedding.

She tweeted;
“Yoruba can use anything as souvenirs , camp has as souvenir”

See some reactions:
"ayotundeogungbe: Lol. So sad when you tell people they can do better with their life and stop stupid things like this they feel insulted. When sorry sis for making you feel this way tonight. Let’s be real here.

Why give sugar daddies to people when you can have lots of them to yourself and let them bless and assist you abundantly so you don’t lack anything in life.

alhajinawas: Yoruba people wee not kee mee
these people are way too extra when it comes to party ,dem come live life to the fullest gan. In my next life I’m definitely coming as a Yoruba demon I no fit shout

omo.pretty: At least people who bought the Aso Ebi will know their money is not in vein, better than some that shares B29 soap and packer abi tissue paper as if there is a vacancy for NANNY JOB"

Robot becomes first in the world to be given citizenship
Sophia was made a citizen of Saudi Arabia (Picture: Barcroft)
Saudi Arabia has made history by becoming the first country to grant citizenship to a robot.
The humanoid robot, Sophia, told the audience at a conference in Riyadh how ‘honoured’ she was at being made a Saudi citizen.

As news of Sophia’s citizenships began to spread, many people started to question whether she had more rights than women in the country.

She addressed the conference in English without wearing a headscarf and abaya, which Saudi women are obliged to wear in public.

‘Thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am very honoured and proud for this unique distinction,’ Sophia said.

‘It is historic to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with citizenship.’
Thousands of Twitter users began circulating an ironic hashtag in Arabic, which translated as ‘Sophia calls for dropping guardianship’.

In the Middle East country, a guardianship system means every women has to have a male companion.
This male guardian can step in and act on the woman’s behalf if he chooses to.
Others on social media also expressed their concern over Sophia’s citizenship.

Robot becomes first in the world to be given citizenship
Many questioned whether Sophia would speak out on human rights issues in Saudi Arabia (Picture: REX)
Kareem Chehayeb said: ‘A humanoid robot called Sophia got Saudi citizenship, while millions linger stateless. What a time to be alive.’

Moudi Aljohani added: ‘I’m wondering if robot Sophia can leave Saudi Arabia without her guardian consent! Since she’s officially Saudi.’

Back at the conference, Sophia threw shade on Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, when she was asked about the evil futuristic robots depicted in films like Blade Runner 2049.
She said humans have nothing to fear, adding: ‘You’ve been reading too much Elon Musk and watching too many Hollywood movies.’

She said: ‘My artificial intelligence is designed around human values like wisdom, kindness and compassion.
‘I strive to become an empathetic robot.’

It is unclear what Sophia’s unique citizenship will mean in practical terms, and whether it is now illegal to turn her off or dismantle her.

Dying pensioner granted final wish of being reunited with his beloved horseRon was granted his dying wish after being reunited with his beloved horse one final time (Picture: NTI)

A dying pensioner was granted his final wish – to be reunited with his beloved horse one more time.
Terminally ill Ron Smith, 66, was given the chance to say a goodbye to Jay at the hospice where he now stays since being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer.

The retired mechanic has owned the horse for the past fours years and said he missed the bond they shared after being moved to St Giles Hospice.

Thoughtful staff arranged for a special visit and 15-year-old Jay turned up in the gardens of the hospice in Lichfield, Staffs., earlier this month.

Delighted Ron, from Burton-upon-Trent, Staffs., spent around half an hour with Jay feeding him carrots and cobnuts and petting his loyal companion.
Heartbreaking photos show the horse gently nuzzling his owner as he sits in a wheelchair wearing a coat and covered by blankets.

Ron’s sister Sandra Bull said: ‘Ron fell in love with horses and riding when he visited Texas around 20 years ago – he started riding and never looked back.
Dying pensioner granted final wish of being reunited with his beloved horse
Ron Smith, 66, was given the chance to say a goodbye to Jay at the hospice where he now stays since being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer (Picture: NTI)
‘He got Jay 4 years ago and rode him five or six times a week. They have a really close bond – Jay nibbles Ron’s hair and hands, particularly when carrots are involved.

‘Ron really missed Jay when he was first admitted to hospital and when he was transferred to the hospice, one of the first things staff offered to do was arrange for Jay to visit.

‘I didn’t think it would be possible for Ron to see Jay again, but thanks to staff at the hospice and at Lullington Hill Stables, where Jay is stabled, he was able to come and visit.
‘It was a really lovely moment for Ron and Jay and the connection between them was so obvious – it was a really emotional moment for everyone involved.’

Deaf baby hears mum say 'I love you' for the first time
Charly hears her mother’s voice for the first time (Picture: Jukin Media)
This is the touching moment a deaf baby hears her mother say ‘I love you’ for the first time.
Born with profound congenital hearing loss in both ears, two-month-old Charly Keane, has spent the start of her life in relative silence.

After learning of her daughter’s condition, parents Christy and Daniel got her a hearing aid so she can finally listen to their voices.

Baby Charly looks overcome with emotion as she processes the sound of her mother.
She then breaks into a beautiful smile, giving her mother a face she says she has never seen before.
In an Instagram post, Christy says her daughter is holding back the tears.
‘We had our miracle moment that I have been praying for when Char got her hearing aids today,’ she wrote.

‘We didn’t think she would hear anything so this was more incredible than I can put in to words.
‘Her journey to implants and language development is off to an amazing start!’
Christy says it is a ‘miracle’ every time she puts hearing aids around Charly’s ears each morning.

Deaf baby hears mum say 'I love you' for the first time
She then breaks into a beautiful smile (Picture: Jukin Media)
But she admitted she worries about her daughter being scared and lonely without her hearing aids every night.

‘I pray my touch and presence is enough to reassure her throughout the day,’ she wrote.
‘There are still heartbreaking truths in our otherwise hopeful situation- but I choose not to dwell on that too much.
‘When this sweet child locks her eyes on mine, I just know she feels our love for her, our protection, and our hopes.’
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